June-July Newsletter

Aug 9, 2023

Dear Friend, 

Here we are again with another newsletter, where mentioned the work of God in our  lives, country and region.  

We at Selah Ministry really appreciate your love, care and prayers for us and most of  all partnering with us in doing the will of God on this part of the world!  

We want to thank everyone that supported the events and all the teachers and guests  from other countries and share with you some joyful, blessings and successes of the  latest and very important ministry events in the past couple of months. 

We had three major events. 

For the first time Selah in partnership with MIWC organised an important event outside  Albanian border, unlike other instances when we had been invited by the locals. On  June 2nd and 3rd we organized a National Worship Conference in Kosovo.  Around 15 people came to the conference. As the first one and in a community of 400  believers we can call that a great success. For all participants, who came not knowing  what to expect this was the first time they had such teachings. One of the pastors even asked that this should not to be just one time event. Beni was invited to share the word  on Sunday at the same church the venue of which we held the conference, which  happens to be one of the larges churches in Kosovo. 

Here are some photos from event: 


For the 9th time in a row, we organized the annual Worship Camp in June 7th and 8th and the first Balkan Worship Conference right after that in June 9th and 10th. Around  45 people showed up for the Camp and 42 people for the Balkan Worship Conference. The attendees were from North Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo and of course  from Albania. It was a great blessing to have pastors and leaders from Albania come  to that, which made up the biggest number of attendees. It was a great encouragement  and a confirmation of the importance of the Ministry for the region and local church 

Worship Camp: 






Balkan Worship Leaders Conference: 


We shared thoughts, prayed and worshipped together. 


July 2nd -7th Durres, Converge European Retreat. 



As you read the info below, joining our prayer for a building, is going to be our  continuous request util it is fulfilled.  

New plans and new building. For many years serving with this ministry we have  believed that our call is not only for Albania but for The Balkans, Eastern Europe and  the Middle East. Right now, The Balkans is no more a dream but reality. We have a  branch in Serbia, we have been doing training and serving in North Macedonia,  Greece, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Bosnia-Hercegovina and very soon in Croatia and  Turkey. 

All of the above has caused us to consider some of the decisions for the next steps  for the School of Worship (SoW). It is nearly a year that the curriculum is detailed for  a six-Month residential school. We are praying that God will open doors to purchase  a building that will not just be used for the school but also as a Centre for training,  producing worship music, retreat for worship teams, prayer& worship and more, not  just for Albania but for the for Balkans and in the future for Middle East and Eastern 

Europe. For that reason, we are trusting God for 500.000 USD to purchase a Building for the School. This will help SELAH WAM also in the future to be self-supportive. 

Meanwhile, we are trusting the Lord to start in January 2024. Right now, we are in  conversation with Theological College of AG in Tirana. They are using only one third  of the building capacity due to online teaching. The school can have 40 residential students. 

We continue to thank the Lord for: 

All of you that have faithfully prayed and supported us.  

Despite all the global and local circumstances, Selah WAM has grown. Our staff and board. 

For Local, Regional and International old and new partnerships. Now  specifically for Engage worship UK, MIWC and more. 

For more open doors this year 

For our family. It is a great blessing to be serving together 

We would really appreciate your continuous prayers for the Ministry: 

Unity for SELAH staff, despite our cultural and age differences. As we are growing, we need more staff and partnerships. For the School of Worship, as we have finalised the curriculum for the six 

month residential school, we are asking God to provide for purchasing a  building. 

God’s provision for the ministry. We are growing and we have had very  little change in support. We need more partners to do this journey with us  to the fulfilment of his plan for His kingdom in Albania, The Balkans and  further. 

Our partnership with Engage Worship and Christ Church UK and CCN,  Germany that have been a great help and encouragement for Selah and  us personally. 

That all the contacts we had in the USA will result in possibilities for  partnerships for SELAH. 

God to grow our relationship with MIWC and open doors for more  partnerships from the conversations and contacts we had in USA. For a building for the School of Worship. We need to raise 500.000 USD. We need to purchase some equipment needed for travelling for Worship  Nights & other events.  

Would you like to commit for: 200 USD 100 USD, 50 USD, 20 USD/ Month? Please, let us know.